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College of Sciences Dean’s Office Personnel


Jeff Roberts headshot

Jeff T. Roberts Ph.D.

Professor of Chemistry

Phone: 619.594.5142
Office: GMCS 604 G
Tod Reeder headshot

Tod Reeder Ph.D.

Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Affairs
Professor of Biology

Phone: 619.594.0859
Office: GMCS 604 K
Headhot of Carmello Interlando

Carmelo Interlando Ph.D.

Associate Dean for Academic and Faculty Affairs,
Professor of Mathematics

Phone: 619.594.7237
Office: GMCS 604 J
Estralita Martin closeup

Estralita Martin Ph.D.

Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
Director of CASA

Phone: 619.594.1204
Office: GMCS 321 B
Cathie Atkins

Cathie J. Atkins Ph.D.

Associate Dean and Professor of Psychology Emerita

Phone: 619.594.5732
Office: GMCS 604 H
silhouette shoulder-length hair

Stacy Carota

Executive Director of Development

Phone: (619)594-2324
Office: GMCS 615
Closeup of Alessandra

Alessandra Costigliola

Director of Development

Phone: 619.594.1136
Office: GMCS 613
silhouette with question mark in face

Tony Carrasco

Director of Resource Management

Phone: 619.594.2590
Office: GMCS 625
Eric Ackerman close-up

Eric Ackerman

Visual Comms: Web Dev & Admin Sr. Lead

Phone: 619.594.6081
Office: GMCS 604-A
Headshot of Casey Bell

Casey Bell

Administrative Support Coordinator

Phone: 619.594.1803
Office: GMCS 604
silhouette with question mark in face

Teresa Couri

Budget Analyst
College RTP Representative

Phone: 619.594.0623
Office: GMCS 627
Headshot of Cassidy

Cassidy Owen

Development Coordinator

Phone: 619.594.2678
Office: GMCS 607
Headshot of Marica Queen

Marcia Queen

Administrative Support

Phone: 619.594.3824
Office: GMCS 604 D
Headshot of Bryana Quintana outside.

Bryana Quintana

Communications Lead

Phone: pending
Office: GMCS 611
silhouette with question mark in face

Julie Scalisi

Executive Assistant to the Dean

Phone: 619.594.7723
Office: GMCS 604 F
silhouette shoulder-length hair

Samantha Westover

Assistant to Assistant Dean Dr. Estralita Martin

Phone: 619.594.1204
Office: GMCS 321
Headshot of Abraham


Student Assistant

Phone: 619.594.5142
Office: GMCS 604
Headshot of Ricky


Student Assistant

Phone: 619.594.5142
Office: GMCS 604

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