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College of Sciences Dean’s Office Personnel


Jeff Roberts headshot

Jeff T. Roberts Ph.D.

Professor of Chemistry
Phone: 619.594.5142
Cathie Atkins

Cathie J. Atkins Ph.D.

Associate Dean for Academic and Faculty Affairs
Professor of Psychology
Phone: 619.594.5732
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Tod Reeder Ph.D.

Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Affairs
Professor of Biology
Phone: 619.594.332
Office: GMCS 604 K
Estralita Martin closeup

Estralita Martin Ph.D.

Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
Director of CASA
Phone: 619.594.1204
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Emilio Ulloa Ph.D.

Director of Advising
Associate Professor of Psychology
Phone: 619.594.2569
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Tony Carrasco

Director of Resource Management
Phone: 619.594.2590
  • Budget
  • Equipment
  • Faculty New Hires
  • Personnel: Staff Periodic Performance Reviews, Reappointments, Reclassifications, In-Range Progression
Eric Ackerman close-up

Eric Ackerman

Strategic Communications
Web Information Systems
Phone: 619.594.6081
619.594.6381 fax
Office: GMCS 604-A
  • Communications
  • Web Information Systems
  • Web Development
  • Communication Technologies
  • Online Faculty Evaluation Support (webportal)
  • Activity Insight Support
  • OU Campus Support
  • Sharepoint Development and Support
  • College and Faculty Outreach
  • SDSU Science & Engineering Sampler
  • Special Projects
  • Duties as Assigned
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Bann Attiq

Appointment Analyst
Phone: 619.594.4180
Office: GMCS 623
  • Instructional Budget
  • Pre-Boarding Process
  • APDB Reporting
  • Adjunct Appointments
  • SDSURF Overload Appointments (PI Profile, iCIMS, EPAS)
  • CES Overload Appointments
  • Faculty Activity Reporting
  • ATF/STC Processing – Faculty, Lecturer, TA, GA Appointments
  • Faculty Grant/Contract Workload Forms
  • Volunteer Identification Forms
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Bettyann Bernhardt

Administrative Analyst
Phone: 619.594.6521
Office: GMCS 604 J

On Leave Until August 2019

  • Associate Dean Cathie Atkins' Calendar
  • CES Course Proposals
  • Class Schedule
  • Classroom Reservations
  • Curriculum Proposals/Changes
  • Enrollment/Registration Reports
  • Periodic Review – Post Tenure Faculty and Lecturers
  • Research Committee – College of Sciences
  • RTP – Reappointment, Tenure & Promotion
  • Sabbatical/Diff in Pay Leave Application Process
  • SIMS Access Application Process
  • University Grants Program (UGP) Application Process
  • Visas / J-1 for Visiting Research Scholars or Temp Faculty
  • WebPortal Access Application Process
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Teresa Couri

Interim Budget Analyst
Phone: 619.594.0623
  • General Fund Budget
  • Account Management
  • Special Award Administration
  • Oracle Account Application Process
  • Oracle Financials and Adaptive Insights support
  • Procurement Card Applications/Administration
  • Purchasing for College of Sciences Programs
  • Student Payroll/SEA
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Maureen Crawford

International Coordinator and Internship Coordinator
Phone: 619.594.1813
Office: GMCS 604 M
  • International Studies Coordinator
  • Internships Coordinator
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Jasmine Henderson

Administrative Support Coordinator
Phone: 619.594.1803
Office: GMCS 604
  • Associate Dean Reeder's Calendar
  • Conference Room Reservations
  • Pay Warrant Distribution
  • Parking Permits
  • TNS Coordinator
  • Key Authorizations
  • Travel T-2 Forms Processing
  • Student Assistant Time Reports
  • Confidential Data Access Roster
  • SDSU Research Foundation Funds
  • Special/Guest Lecturer Forms
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Jenna Levasseur

Development Coordinator
Phone: (619) 594-4292
Office: GMCS 604 C

San Diego State University
College of Sciences GMCS 604-C
5500 Campanile Dr.
San Diego, CA 92182-1010

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Julie Scalisi

Executive Assistant to the Dean
Phone: 619.594.7723
Office: GMCS 604 F
  • Chairs and Directors Meetings – Scheduling & Minutes
  • Commencement
  • COS Special Events and Meetings
  • Dean Robert's Calendar
  • Department Annual Reports Coordination
  • Faculty Annual Reports Coordination
  • Faculty Recruitment
  • Faculty & Staff New Hiring Process
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Samantha Westover

Assistant to Assistant Dean Dr. Estralita Martin
Phone: 619.594.1204
Office: GMCS 321
  • Assistant Dean Estralita Martin's Calendar
  • CASA-Scheduling Meetings
  • Explore SDSU
  • Federal Work Study: Recruitment, HR Management, and Budget
  • Instructionally Related Activities (IRA)-Travel Fund and Application
  • Petitions: Retroactive Withdrawal and Late Schedule Adjustment
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Student Assistant
Phone: 619.594.5142
Office: GMCS 604
  • General Office Inquiries
  • Office Mail Distribution
silhouette shoulder-length hair


Student Assistant
Phone: 619.594.5142
Office: GMCS 604
  • General Office Inquiries
  • Office Mail Distribution

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