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Virtual Front Desk

College of Sciences staff is here for you.

Meeting ID: 978 1957 6025  

Hours of Operation

9:00am to 1:00pm PDT
Monday to Friday

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Student Assistant

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Student Assistant

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be an in-person graduation this year, if so, how will the graduation be conducted?

Please refer to the SDSU Commencement Website for the most recent up-to-date information on graduation. If you have further questions or concerns, not answered on the website, please visit the College of Sciences Dean’s Office Virtual Front Desk for assistance or contact

Who should I contact to get my approval for Credit/No Credit?

For questions regarding Credit/No Credit, please contact the Office of Registrar for assistance in changing your course grading to C/NC. You can visit their virtual front desk, Office of Registrar Virtual Front Desk, or email to reach their office.

If I initially planned to have my semester courses changed to Credit/No Credit but would prefer the standardized letter grading scale, who do I contact regarding this matter?

If you would like to change your Credit/No Credit back to the standard letter grade scale, please contact the SDSU Office of Registrar.

Where can I see the Dean’s List for the current semester? Also, will I receive a formal letter?

Due to COVID-19, sending out letters to Dean’s List Honorees is halted, however, honorees are listed on our Dean’s List webpage based on the most recent semester. For more information regarding the Dean’s List or viewing past semesters, please visit the College of Sciences Dean’s Office Virtual Front Desk or send an email to

I need assistance choosing classes for my major.

For help selecting classes please contact the College of Sciences Student Success Center.

I’m trying to get a hold of someone in my department. How can I contact them?

To contact a staff member from a department within the College of Sciences, please refer to the College of Sciences Virtual Front Desk Directory Infographic.

Upcoming Events

Thursday: November 11, 2021
Sunday: November 21, 2021
Thursday: November 25, 2021
Friday: November 26, 2021
Friday: December 10, 2021

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