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Diversity in the College of Sciences


As a community, our collective responsibility in the College of Sciences is to work toward long-lasting and positive change in the world around us. We recognize that this responsibility extends beyond our teaching and research missions. We are committed to diversity, inclusion, equity, and social justice in all we do. We acknowledge that much work is to be done before our college is the community to which we aspire.

We stand in support of all African American and Black individuals, and we acknowledge that they are victims of the systemic racism and anti-Blackness that permeates every corner of American society. Similarly, we stand in support of all Latinx, Native American and indigenous, LGBTQ+, people with disabilities, and individuals who come from groups that are marginalized in our society. Our college recognizes its special responsibility to support SDSU students, faculty, and staff members who belong to oppressed and marginalized groups. Additionally, we have an obligation to be thought leaders within our scientific disciplines as we seek to build equitable communities that reflect our shared values.

Statement from Dean Jeffrey Roberts

As Dean of the College of Sciences, I want to express my personal commitment to addressing and eliminating the systemic racism that plagues every corner of society, including our college. I condemn any member of our community whose words or actions are inconsistent with our college’s unwavering commitment to the values of diversity and inclusion.

I know that words are empty if they are unaccompanied by true change. Over the next weeks and months, I will be working with stakeholders across the college to develop specific, actionable steps that will better align the college’s practices with its stated values. I look forward to sharing these steps with COS faculty, staff, and students; to implementing them as quickly as possible; and to working with all of you to be instruments of positive and necessary change.

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