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Colloquium: It’s Maps All the Way Up (and Down)

Speaker: Prof. Martin Sereno, SDSU MRI Imaging Center

Time: 2:00 p.m., Friday, November 3 (refreshments served at 1:45 p.m.)

Place: P-148


Topological maps of receptor sheets have long been known to characterize early stages of sensory processing in the brain. But two-dimensional topological maps have turned up in many other places. This talk summarizes recent advances in non-invasive cortical mapping of the human brain, focusing on functional, structural, and diffusion-based data visualized on the cortical surface using tools originally developed in my laboratory 25 years ago. We end with two teasers: a peek at the first complete surface reconstruction of the human cerebellum, and new data showing how information from one modality can penetrate all the way back to the input maps of another modality in a topological format.

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