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Free fun activities for the whole family! No charge for parking, and no need to RSVP.


(MTS Trolley Green Line stops on campus)


Featured Astronomy Events


Planetarium Shows (Every Half Hour)

Enjoy a tour of the starry night sky in our planetarium. The shows are 20 minutes long and run every half-hour. (Unfortunately, please note there is no wheelchair access inside the planetarium. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience.)

Telescopic Views of the Sun

Safely observe the sun through telescopes and hear a brief presentation about the sun and stars.

The Virtual Universe

Explore our solar system and fly by Saturn using Virtual Reality technology!

Featured Biology Events


Electron Microscope Facility

Watch as our scanning and transmission electron microscopes observe the inside cells magnified thousands of times!

Museum of Biodiversity

Visit our vast museum collection where big bugs, hairy spiders, skeletons, furs, feathers, plants, and many more are on display! Gain insight about the field biology and natural history education SDSU offers.

SDSU Herbarium

See over 22,000 plant specimens! Learn how to prepare plants for scientific study.

Phage Attack: Weapons of Microbe Destruction

There’s a battle between the smallest, most numerous entities on Earth. Come learn how phage, the viruses of bacteria, launch attacks against their bacterial targets. View bacterial cultures before and after phage attack and learn about the impact these interactions can have on human health.

Conservation Ecology Lab

Discover the methods wildlife biologists use to capture and track a variety of exciting wildlife, including seabirds, tortoises, deer, bobcats, and more!

Exploration of the Human Body

Explore the amazing world of the human body! Look into a microscope to see the incredible organization and beauty behind bone and muscle. Observe and compare healthy and diseased hearts, brains, and lungs.

Lasers Make Cells Glow

Discover the world of flow cytometry! Learn how we use lasers to study and separate cells on the basis of their individual fluorescence.

C1-Biocatalysis Lab

Come learn how to convert greenhouse gases into food, fabric, and cars!

Featured Chemistry Events



Explore different methods used to develop fingerprints and learn about the role Forensic Science plays in solving crimes by collecting, preserving, and analyzing evidence.

Who Cheated? Find out by Using Chromatography

Five students are suspected of forging the answers to an exam. To catch our cheater, determine if one of the pens found on a suspect matches the ink from the exam, using the same technique the police use to analyze ink.

X-ray Crystallography

Chemists and biologists learn how a molecule works by studying its three-dimensional structure, however, even the largest molecules are too small to be observed by the most powerful light microscopes. The solution? Prepare a crystal of the sample and use x-rays!

Laser Applications in Chemistry and Biochemistry

View a wide range of lasers, used in multi-photon nonlinear laser techniques, for biomedical and environmental applications.

Microfluidic Chemical Detection

Watch and learn how a simple piece of paper can be converted into a detector capable of identifying and measuring a range of chemicals.

World of Nanochemistry

Come make and analyze silver nanoparticles.

Featured Computer Science Events


The Chemistry Computing Lab

Visitors will have an opportunity to use our computers to design new molecules atom-by-atom and make them vibrate like mad!

Computer Science and Sound: Dolphins and You

Visit the Audio Lab where we use computer science to analyze dolphin and whale sounds. View interactive kiosks from our collaborators at Scripps Institution of Oceanography along with periodic demonstrations of research tools. You can also learn how to visualize your own voice using spectrograms!

Featured Engineering Events


Rockets, Race Cars, and Robots

Take a look at various student projects including rockets, race cars, and robots!

Engineering Building Tours

Tour the Safe Water Lab, Controls & Power Lab, NanoMaterials and Advanced Materials Lab, Jet Engine Lab, and Combustion & Solar Energy Lab.

Open Labs: EIS Complex

Explore the Environmental Lab, Water Engineering Lab, Antenna Lab, Transportation Center, Smart Biomedical Systems Lab, NanoFab/Sensorimotor Neural Engineering Lab, and Mechatronics Demo for beginners.

Open Labs: Physical Science Building

Visit the Hydraulic Engineering Lab and Experimental Mechanics Lab.

Bioengineer for the Day

Witness a hands-on demonstration on a simulated patient artery and learn how bioengineers design medical devices to open-up blocked arteries in the heart.

Featured Geology Events


Show-Me Geology

Start a mineral collection and learn about the importance of rocks and minerals in our everyday life!

VizCenter: Helping the World

Learn how the VizCenter utilizes innovative emerging technologies to positively impact the worlds of Humanitarian Assistance Disaster Relief, Community Resilience, Search and Rescue, aid to operational Emergency Responders and Homeland Security.

Featured Physics Event


The Cool World of Cryogenics: Supercool Ice Cream

Liquid nitrogen instant ice cream, freeze balloons, and more!

Featured Psychology Event


State-of-the-Art 3T MRI Imaging Center

Experience the state-of-the-art 3T MRI imaging facility for SDSU researchers in action.

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