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San Diego State University is launching a suite of online cyber security certificates in partnership with Noodle, the country’s fastest-growing online learning network. The SDSU Cyber Tech Academy in affiliation with the Homeland Security Program is open for enrollment in January 2022.

The Cyber Tech Academy, which includes a series of 14-week professional certificates focused on the most critical topics in cybersecurity, brings together prominent current and former government, military, and industry practitioners focused on developing a workforce that can defeat the threats posed by nation-states and advanced cyber criminals. The certificate program is separate from SDSU’s graduate degree program in Homeland Security, also housed within the College of Sciences

The Cyber Tech Academy is built by professionals who know what organizations want in employees, and what it takes to stop the ransomware, breaches, IP theft, and critical infrastructure attacks that are endangering businesses and putting lives at risk. The certificates span a range of topics for those seeking to move into a cybersecurity career, as well as existing professionals who would like to increase their knowledge on relevant issues in the cyber security realm – all while building a network that includes top practitioners from around the country.

“The online academy expands the educational opportunities outside of SDSU’s degree programs and reinforces the university’s commitment to cyber tech training,” said Jeffrey Roberts, Dean of SDSU’s College of Sciences. “Unusual among certificate programs, this immersive online program provides participants with the ability to interact with professionals in the field, who will also help guide them in their career development.” 

The online Cyber Tech Academy, made possible thanks to a generous donor, will join the university’s growing list of offerings that are geared toward protecting national security. In addition to the Homeland Security graduate program, SDSU also offers a 10-month synchronous Cybersecurity Bootcamp through SDSU Global Campus and ThriveDX that is designed to prepare participants to enter the cybersecurity workforce. SDSU’s Fowler College of Business has a Cybersecurity Management Master’s degree (MS) which equips professionals with the skills needed to develop and manage organizational cybersecurity plans and risk management strategies.

“SDSU is a leader in national security, and it is renowned for creating innovative programs designed to prepare its students to enter this crucial field,” said Lee Bradshaw, Chief Strategy Officer, Noodle. “The Cyber Tech Academy provides students from around the country with access to leading professionals in the space, offering an unparalleled opportunity to pursue cyber security as a career and build upon existing skill sets in the field.”

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