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Michael Bareian
Graduate Research Assistant
Email: mbareian20[at]
Research Interests: Galaxy Formation and Evolution
Thesis Advisor: Dr. Kate Rubin
Hobbies: Basketball, Video Games 
Mike Engesser
Teaching Associate
Email: mengesser[at]
Research Interests: high density objects (neutron stars and pulsars), computational physics, transient science
Hobbies: Running, competitive gaming, conventions
Annie Hedlund
Graduate Research Assistant
Email: annie_hedlund[at]
Research Interests: Binary Stars, Galaxy Evolution
Thesis Advisor: Dr. Eric Sandquist
Hobbies: Dancing, reading, playing with my cat, going to the beach

Jose Carlos Torres Hernandez
Graduate Student
Email: jctorresh7[at]
Research Interests: Galaxy formation and evolution, Supernovae, Statistical models, Machine Learning
Hobbies: running, reading, hiking, and exploring California.
Ben Kuhn
Teaching Associate, Graduate Research Assistant
Email: benxkuhn[at]
Research Interests: Supernovae, Cataclysmic Variable Stars
Thesis Advisor: Dr. Douglas Leonard
Hobbies: Rock climbing, yoga, frisbee, longboarding, bass guitar, videogames
  Melanie Kae Olaes
Lead Teaching Associate, Graduate Research Assistant
Email: mkbolaes[at]
Research Interests: Superluminous supernovae, Transient Detection, Survey Science, Automation
Thesis Advisor: Dr. Robert Quimby
Hobbies: Cooking, writing, RPG videogames, yoga, hooping
Quentin Socia
Teaching Asscociate, Graduate Research Assistant
Email: quentin.socia[at]
Research Interests: Exoplanets, binary stars, planetary atmospheres, cataclysmic planetary geology, solar system beyond Neptune
Thesis Advisor: Dr. William Welsh
Hobbies: Preservation of video games, video games as literature, science fiction cinema of the 1980s
Stephanie Stawinski
Teaching Associate , Graduate Research Assistant
Email: stephaniestawinski[at]
Research Interests: QSO Absorption Line Systems, spectroscopy of QALS, Intergalactic and Circumgalatic Medium, gas and dust composition and evolution
Thesis Advisor: Dr. Kate Rubin
Hobbies: Camping, softball, dancing
Peter Wysocki
Graduate Student
Email: pwysocki[at]
Research Interests: Exoplanets, Supernovae, Instrumentation
Hobbies: Watching Action/Adventure Movies, Talking with Friends about Kpop or Marvel Movies, Video Games, Learning Astronomy!
Mitchell Yenawine
Graduate Student
Email: myenawine1[at]
Research Interests: Binary Stars, Exoplanets, Theoretical Astrophysics, TBD
Research Advisor: Dr. William Welsh
Hobbies: Weightlifting, Weight loss, Over-analyzing tv/movies,  Puzzles, Competitive video games

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