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The SDSU Cancer CoRe is a new initiative that aims to better understand cancer with interdisciplinary approaches. Several College of Sciences faculty and students, in the Departments of Biology, Chemistry & Biochemistry, and Psychology, are partnering with others across the university to ask new questions and disrupt the traditional lab-to-patient pipeline.

From identifying how mutations in proteins affect cell growth to advocating for exercise that can prevent health issues linked with cancer risk, San Diego State University researchers collaborate to address the ways that cancer affects individuals, families and communities.

The Cancer CoRe leverages both SDSU’s strong ties with local organizations, such as schools and churches, and scientific innovations in computational modeling and laboratory techniques.

This convergent research effort will benefit undergraduate and graduate students with exciting opportunities to contribute to projects and receive mentorship from professors across diverse fields that are typically siloed.

Connecting the biological and chemical mechanisms with community health programs will help address disparities in treatment and access to information among cancer patients and their support networks.

More information about the SDSU Cancer CoRe and how you can support them can be found on their website,

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