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Pressed for Safety: Lab Coat Vending Machines Arrive on Campus

SDSU College of Sciences pilots a dispensing program providing researchers with clean protective clothing as easily as getting a bag of chips

Three SDSU Students Awarded for Excellence Inside and Out of the Classroom

One microbiology and two biochemistry students were recognized by CSU-Wide Program

Galactic Guac: SDSU’s Sustainable Superfood For Space Travelers

NASA awards SDSU researchers for innovative projects in sustainable guacamole for astronauts and autonomous drone safety.

Where to Go? SDSU Student Identifies Transit Line Needs

Psychology master’s student Adriana Rios achieves many firsts while leading an interdisciplinary team to assess the accessibility of public restrooms in San Diego transit areas.

Climate Change is Impacting the Ocean’s Top Fish Predators

SDSU teamed up with the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, NOAA and other institutions to model the impact of warming oceans on large migratory fish.

Getting at the Heart of the Atom: Oppenheimer, Nuclear Physics and Quantum Science

Behind the film “Oppenheimer” and its star-studded cast is a science that fuels the stars.

2023 Thomas B. Day Award for Excellence in Physics

Congratulations to this year’s award recipients!

Celebrating our 2023 Student Researchers

Over 180 College of Sciences students presented on projects at the SDSU Student Symposium (S3) and 22 won awards

Branching Out: How Math Can Help Better Understand Diseases

SDSU applied mathematician receives NSF grant to understand the processes that create structure of breast tissue, lungs, kidneys.

Self-Driving Cars: The Next Computing Revolution But Far From Perfect

Autonomous vehicles rely on sophisticated technology to make decisions without direct human input. But is this technology safe? SDSU computer scientists weigh in

Advance your Career with a Degree in Science

SDSU’s College of Sciences prides itself on inclusive education and research innovation. Our college offers bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees across eight academic departments and provides curricula for students across the university preparing for careers in health care and engineering. Our coursework is enhanced by dozens of research centers and frequent field trips that allow our students to develop the skills and reasoning they need to be tomorrow’s leaders. Our faculty are respected experts in their disciplines as well as dedicated, thoughtful instructors. The College of Sciences also operates numerous off-campus sites like the Mount Laguna Observatory, Coastal Marine Institute, and nearly 9,000 acres of land for biological sciences research stations, connecting SDSU advancements to the greater San Diego region.


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