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face image of three ULM grad studentsLUDWIG SIEGERT
I finished my undergraduate studies in mathematics and management at the University of Ulm in Germany and continued with a master’s degree in the same area of studies. I appreciate the opportunity to continue my studies at SDSU in the next year. SDSU has been accepting students with a mathematical background from Ulm for many years. I am glad to participate in this exchange program that led me to SDSU. After my graduate studies at SDSU, I plan to return to the University in Ulm to complete my master’s degree.

My interests in mathematics have a wide range, including numerics, optimization and graph theory to insurance. I try to acquire insights in many different areas of mathematics to broaden my knowledge. At SDSU, I can attend courses in various areas that enrich my mathematical interests. I am grateful to have received the Presidential Graduate Fellowship and a scholarship from the Talanx Foundation. These resources have made it possible for me to attend SDSU.

For the last five years, I was studying mathematics and management at Ulm University in the south of Germany – with three years in the undergraduate program and two years in the graduate program. I had an early interest in actuarial sciences and probability theory. I acquired a profound knowledge of insurance mathematics/economics and stochastic processes. My master’s thesis covered a stochastic capital market model and applications in life insurance.

I selected SDSU for graduate studies in applied statistics for my desired profession as an actuary. This semester, I am attending statistics courses with the main objective being how to apply the theoretical knowledge learned with the statistics software R.

I received a Fulbright Grant and a Presidential Research Graduate Fellowship from SDSU to support my studies and be able to live in San Diego.  I am writing a thesis in the area of climate research. After graduation, I shall return to Germany and pursue a PhD at Ulm University.

I was always fascinated by detecting logical conclusions under given conditions and assumptions. I did my undergraduate study in mathematics and management at the University of Ulm in Germany. I am close to completing my master’s degree in mathematics and management. Participating in the exchange program allows me to achieve an American and German master’s degree. This affords me the opportunity to gain highly valuable experiences and deep insights into the field of statistics and the practical analysis of data. In the context of data science, the versatile applicability of statistics and stochastic models caught my interest. In particular, the development of machine learning algorithms and the detection of existing patterns and prediction of further patterns allows for intriguing opportunities for me.

I received a Fulbright Grant, the Presidential Graduate Research Fellowship from the SDSU and a scholarship from the Foundation of German Business. After completing my year in San Diego, I plan to earn my master’s degree in mathematics and management.  My goal is to pursue a PhD or to work in an international operating company.

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