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Virtual Learning & Telework Resources


Sciences Technology Services Ticket System

To request support, please create an incident on the ServiceNow Support Ticket System.

Sciences Technology Services Virtual Office Hours via Zoom

8:00 AM to 9:00 AM
2:00 PM to 3:00 PM
(By Appointment Only)

The STS Help Desk will be closed during campus holidays.

Remote Connectivity / VPN

VPN Services website.
VPN Setup Guide downloadable document.

SDSU Information Technology

Campus Information Technology services and support are provided by technical staff who work in the various Colleges, Divisions, and Organizations.
Help for Students, Faculty, and Staff


Use Google Drive to store any files that you need to access from your remote office space.

Google Drive has been temporarily authorized to store PL1 Information, please review these resources:
Sensitive Data Storage Best Practices
Security Guidance for Storing and Sharing Protected Data


Faculty Virtual Support Team
The College of Sciences Virtual Support Team is comprised of technical and pedagogical experts within the college. These faculty and staff have dedicated their time to being available live online throughout the day. See the complete list of College Virtual Support Teams and current schedules.

Campuswide Virtual Support Teams website.


Student Resources for Virtual Learning

In light of the broader public health crisis, your instructors and the broader SDSU community have worked together to transform all face-to-face courses to a virtual format. The Student Resources for Virtual Learning website is designed to help you successfully transition to and thrive within this new virtual learning environment.

College of Sciences Student Success Center

The Student Success Center is available for virtual advising via ZOOM and questions via email.

Economic Crisis Response Team

Are you a Student in an Immediate Economic Crisis?

Did something unexpected happen causing you to need food or housing immediately?
Are you only eating once a day because you don’t have enough money to buy food?
Are you struggling to find a safe, stable place to sleep?

Request assistance: Economic Crisis Response Team Website


Computers, Laptops, and Tablets

Prepare to Work Remotely
San Diego State University will allow faculty and staff to take home computing hardware and peripherals, including desktop machines.

Before computing hardware leaves the campus, an Off-Campus Use of Equipment Form needs to be completed and filed with your immediate supervisor.
Please consult with Sciences Technology Services to assure that your operating system is up to date, that anti-virus software is installed, and if needed the virtual private network client is configured.

If you need computing hardware, the university has a limited number of laptops for checkout. Please submit a request via ServiceNow.

Please contact the STS Help Desk prior to taking any computer system home. If you have a home computer system or a laptop, we will set up remote access to your desktop on campus.

Alternatively, if you need to or already have taken a computer system home, we need to confirm which system, the data on it, assist with installing the Campus VPN software, and ensure other applications work as expected.


Campus Software

IT Software Distribution Center

Adobe Creative Cloud
Adobe Sign
X-Win 32


SDSU MATLAB Information SDSU Library
SDSU MATLAB Portal Downloads
MATLAB Online (Use through web browser for teaching, learning and convenience.)

SPSS Download website.
ArcGIS Online


Checking Voicemail from Off Campus
  1. Dial 619 594-7444
  2. Press ‘#’
  3. Enter your five-digit extension
  4. Enter your personal security code
Web PhoneManager

Web PhoneManager is an online application for users to manage their voicemail through a web browser. All functionality in Web PhoneManager can be performed through the Telephone User Interface (TUI). You must set up your mailbox and have a security code before you can use Web PhoneManager.

Managing SDSU Voicemail using Web PhoneManager (WPM)

  1. Visit Web PhoneManager .
  2. Log-in by entering your mailbox number (i.e., the last 5-digit of your campus phone number) If you do not know your mailbox extension, call the ETS Business at 619-594-3500 for assistance.

Enter your Security Code

  1. If you cannot remember your security code, select “Forgot Security Code” link.
  2. Enter your “Mailbox” number or your campus “E-mail Address”
  3. You will receive an error message if your e-mail address does not match our SDSU Web Directory records (you must use a campus E-mail address).
  4. Contact the ETS Business at 619-594-3500 to update your E-mail information, if you receive an error.

An online tutorial is provided to guide you through all features. Features available at SDSU are listed below.

  1. Go to “User Resources” link and select “Web PhoneManager Online Tutorial”.
  2. You can either listen to the entire presentation or select from the options to learn about a specific features.
Voicemail to Email

Your office phone can be configured to allow your voice mail to be sent as an audio attachment to email. If you would like to enable this feature please submit a Voicemail to Email Request.

If you need more information about campus Voicemail visit Voicemail Information.

Forwarding Your Phone

In rare circumstances, it may be necessary to forward calls from SDSU to your remote location. Campus telecom/datacom coordinators can request the ability to forward your calls from the office to a remote location. For the time being, requests for forwarding will need to be approved by your Dean or Vice President. Once enabled, this can be done directly at the office telephone via code or by SDSU IT staff. A list of all campus telecom coordinators by area can be found via the SDSU Telecom Coordinators page.

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