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News from the College of Sciences

Astronomers Discover Third Planet in the Kepler-47 Circumbinary System

Astronomers have discovered a third planet in the Kepler-47 system, securing the system’s title as the most interesting of the binary-star worlds. Using data from NASA’s Kepler space telescope, a team of researchers, led by astronomers at San Diego State University, detected the new Neptune-to-Saturn-size planet orbiting between two previously known planets.

How Seals Took to the Seas

Sarah Kienle, a comparative biologist at the University of California, Santa Cruz, measuring the skull of a northern elephant seal. Photo Credit: Carolyn Lagattuta/UC Santa Cruz By comparing the bones of ancient and contemporary seals, researchers say a...

‘Ninja’ Kangaroo Rats Kick Rattlesnakes In The Head Faster Than You Can Blink!

“Our work, which, to our knowledge, is the first to describe the kinematics of evasive leaps by bipedal rodents avoiding actual attacks from predators, supports the idea that bipedalism may have been favored in kangaroo rats because it allows for the rapid and powerful leaps needed to avoid ambush predators such as vipers and owls,” said Grace Freymiller of San Diego State University, the student lead author of the second paper.

From India to SDSU: A New Shark Genome

The work in an EIS lab could help protect a species whose numbers are dwindling. By Jeff Ristine   Using a tiny tissue sample collected from one of the largest fishing ports in India, a San Diego State University laboratory has developed a detailed...

Gut Feeling

For the final, critical step— purification of the phage cocktail—Strathdee turned to San Diego State University and the research team in the Viral Information Institute (VII). Their translational research applies knowledge from basic biology and clinical trials to techniques and tools that address critical medical needs. After receiving phage therapy, Patterson recovered.

The Heart of Research

“Dr. Glembotski is exactly the kind of professor that sets SDSU apart,” said Stephen Welter, vice president of Graduate and Research Affairs. “His critical research advancing the field of heart disease, combined with his commitment to mentoring the next generation of scientists, is a true credit to this institution.”

Promising Compound Draws Grant for SDSU Heart Institute

“In 2019 we hope to expand and extend the results that we’ve gotten so far and do studies in larger animals, (where) the hearts are more like a human heart than the mouse heart,” said Glembotski, whose grant application achieved a rare perfect score from its NIH review panel. “Once we’ve completed those studies…

For Night Vision, Snakes See a Clear Choice

San Diego State University doctoral student Hannes Schraft wanted to learn whether rattlesnakes find their way around at night with their eyes alone, or get an assist from the same thermal-sensing abilities they use to hunt prey.

Autism Center Answers Growing Need for Community Services

“We want to be a focal point for researchers, students and trainees, faculty, families and community, the additional space, she said, makes for a more comprehensive approach to training of future clinicians, scientists and therapists in autism and related …

New Research Findings on Eating Disorders Among Young Children

“Past findings support higher rates of eating disorders among post-pubertal females as compared to males. But our findings suggest that, given the lack of gender differences among 9 to 10-year-old children with eating disorders, there may be added social pressures, or hormonal differences that occur during or post puberty among girls that increase the risk of developing eating disorders,” said Rozzell, lead author and a graduate student researcher in SDSU’s Body Image, Sexuality, and Health Lab.

Residual Tobacco Smoke Easily Pollutes New, Clean Materials

“We knew that active smoking causes smoke residue to adsorb into tables, walls, doors and other materials. We were surprised, however, by how easily thirdhand finds its way into and pollutes new and clean materials brought into a home,” Matt said. “We were also surprised by the sheer mass of nicotine that becomes embedded in a small travel-size pillowcases, fabrics and filling.”

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