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News from the College of Sciences

Promising Compound Draws Grant for SDSU Heart Institute

“In 2019 we hope to expand and extend the results that we’ve gotten so far and do studies in larger animals, (where) the hearts are more like a human heart than the mouse heart,” said Glembotski, whose grant application achieved a rare perfect score from its NIH review panel. “Once we’ve completed those studies…

For Night Vision, Snakes See a Clear Choice

San Diego State University doctoral student Hannes Schraft wanted to learn whether rattlesnakes find their way around at night with their eyes alone, or get an assist from the same thermal-sensing abilities they use to hunt prey.

In Memoriam: Richard “Doc” Morris

Former colleagues and students look back on the 60-year teaching career of Richard “Doc” Morris. By Jeff Ristine “If I have a legacy,” Richard “Doc” Morris said near the end of a phenomenal 60-year career teaching physics at San Diego State University,...