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A Message from the Dean

Dear Graduates:
Congratulations, you made it! The road to your degree has been long and challenging, especially over the past eighteen or so months. The years of hard work and dedication have paid off, though. You will learn that your SDSU degree opens many doors, and not just to job opportunities. I hope you will always find pleasure and satisfaction in continuing to learn new things, in creatively solving problems, in collaborating with others, and in explaining the wonders of the natural world to those around you.

I am sure you feel disappointed about having had to finish your time at SDSU as a “virtual” student. I am so sorry for all you’ve missed: face-to-face lectures and labs, time spent with your friends on campus and off, parties and celebrations, and the opportunity to say “good bye” in person to your favorite professors and advisors. But none of that changes the significance of today, when we recognize the incredible achievement of your graduating from SDSU. I remember my own graduation, though it was some time ago. It took me a while to understand the importance of my graduation day, that graduation is not just an endpoint (and an excuse for a party with friends and family!). Graduation is also a transition to a new period of your life, a period that will bring a new set of exhilarating challenges— but I know that you will surmount those challenges, in part because of your experiences at SDSU.

Whatever you do next, I hope you will always look back fondly on your time at San Diego State University. We would love to hear from you in the future. Once an Aztec, always an Aztec!

I conclude with one small request: that you take a moment to thank the people who helped make this day possible: friends, family, loved ones, mentors, advisors, professors, teachers… Success is always a team effort. All of these people have earned their own share of gratitude and congratulations. Make sure they feel it!

Congratulations once again, and… go Aztecs!

Jeffrey Roberts
Dean, SDSU College of Sciences

Video of 2021 College of Sciences Commencement Ceremony celebrating the Classes of 2020 & 2021. Given the circumstances of the past year, the graduates’ achievements in the College of Sciences are especially impressive— 1,507 bachelor’s degrees, 399 master’s degrees, and 37 doctoral degrees were awarded.

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